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Hunting Season 2012-2013

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Feed and Seed Shop
Top Bait offers a great selection of feed and seed, for domestic and wildlife animals alike. Specializing in food plot seed, we have several types of products that can help to attract and maintain animals no matter what season is currently in. It's important to feed every animal, domestic or wild, with the proper nutrition all year-round. We invite you to come in to our feed store and look around, or contact us to plan your next food plot venture. Feed and Seed Shop

The following chart is a list of feed and seed items which we keep in stock year-round.
Turkey & Chicken FeedRabbit FeedDeer FeedFish Feed
Horse FeedCattle FeedHog FeedPet Feed
Fertilizer Mineral

Description Size
Turkey or Chicken ----
Scratch Grains 50lbs
Caliente Cond. Gamscock Plus 50lbs
Cleaned Crack Corn 50lbs
CF Layer Crumbles 25lbs
CF Layer Crumbles 50lbs
CF Pellets 50lbs
Chicken Starter/Grower 25lbs
Chicken Starter/Grower 50lbs
Rabbit  ----
Rabbit Pellets 25lbs
Rabbit Pellets 50lbs
Fish ----
Fish Farm Pond (Floating) 50lbs
Fingerling 50lbs
Catfish Food  Sinking Pellets 50lbs
Deer ----
Record Rack 20% Poncho 40lbs
Record Rack Sportsman 50lbs
Golden Deer Nuggets 40lbs
Triple Cleaned Corn 50lbs
Trophy Rock 20lbs
Lucky Buck Deeer Mineral 20lbs
Horse ----
Stock & Stable(Sweet Stuff) 50lbs
Stock & Stable 12% Horse Pellets 50lbs
Life Design-Mare & foal 50lbs
Life Design- senior 50lbs
Race Horse Oats 50lbs
Safe Choice 50lbs
Cattle ----
Cattle Pasture Cubes 50lbs
Cattle Grazers 50lbs
Cattle Mineral w/IGR 50lbs
Cattle Tub 250lbs
Hog ----
Hog Fin. Complete PL 14% 50lbs
Pot Belled Pig Food 25lbs
Pet ----
Petmaster Cat Food 18lbs
Loyall Cat & Kitten 20lbs
River Run 21% 50lbs
River run 21% 25lbs
River run NO SOY 50lbs
River Run Pro 27-18 50lbs
Pro Premium Adult 50lbs
Loyall Puppy Food 20lbs
Loyall Lamb/Rice 20lbs
Loyall Adult Maint. 20lbs
Loyall Adult Maint. 40lbs
Loyall Senior 20lbs
Black Gold 26-18 50lbs
Pride Dog Food 27-17 50lbs
Pride Dog Food 24-20 50lbs
Pride Dog Food 22-10 50lbs
Pride Dog Food 26-18 50lbs
Goat PL 16 w/ 27.24G deccox 50lbs
Mineral ----
Trace Mineral Salt (Bag) 50lbs
Mineral Block 50lbs
Ala-Flo Mineral (Bag) 50lbs
Fertillizer ----
10-10-10 50lbs
13-13-13 50lbs
34-0-0 (Ammonium Nitrate) 50lbs
17-17-17 50lbs
Lime 40lbs


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Fall Season Feed & Seed 2012

Rice Bran 50 lbs
Daikon Radish 5 lbs
Barkant Forage Turnips 25 lbs
Deer Greens Mix - Rape(1 lb), Siberian Kale(1 lb), Ga Sthrn Collards(1 lb),
Purple Top Turnips(1 lb), Daikon Radish(1 lb)
5 lbs
Deer Mix Classic (5 Way) - Ga Gore Wheat(22 lbs),
Wrens Abruzzi Rye (12 lbs) Coker 227 Oats (9 lbs),
Coated Crimson Clover (2%), Austrian Winter Peas (5 lbs)
50 lbs
Deer Mix Fall Economy (3 Way) - Wheat (60%), Rye (20%), Oats (20%) 50 lbs
Deer Fall Mix Premium (5 Way) - Wheat (60%), Rye (20%),
Oats (18%), Clover (1%), Rape (1%)
50 lbs
Deer Mix Fall Super Premium (8 Way) - Wheat (60%), Rye (18%), Oats (18%),
Clover (1%), Rape (1%), Austrian Winter Peas (1%), Trophy Daikon Radish (1%)
50 lbs
Iron & Clay Mixed Cowpeas 50 lbs
Brown Top Millet 50 lbs
Soybeans 50 lbs
Grain Sorghum 50 lbs


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Feed and Seed Shop

If you don't see what you need here, it certainly doesn't mean that we don't have it or that we couldn't order it for you. Here at Top Bait we pride ourselves in our excellent customer service, and wouldn't mind helping our customers out whether they come drop by the store, give us a call on the phone, or e-mail us. *Please check on availability of all feed & seed

We are very excited to help you in any way possible!